About Us

ZOE WILKINSON has been the owner/operator of Bike D'Vine since May 2012.  Zoe was born in Cornwall, UK and spent most of her childhood in Aberdeen, Scotland. Zoe has lived and worked in New Zealand for many years calling herself a New Zealand 1996 Vintage.

A few years ago she decided to find a different way of spending her time other than as an IT Consultant and followed the call of the wine world.

She came across Bike D'Vine whilst looking for a business that would fit nicely alongside her Sister's family vineyard and winery, Unison Estate.

Now the business and other wider family projects (watch this space!) are keeping her busy most days.   However in her leisure time she enjoys biking (of course!), making jewelry, walking the dogs, eating with her friends and family, and the kiwi outdoors!